The Oil Leak in the Gulf

Like most people on this planet I too am angry over the oil leak in the Gulf.  It is obvious to me that Government policies which allowed big oil companies so much freedom, and so little monitoring have now risked the entire Gulf Of Mexico, and the consequences may be incalculable.  Big industry always needs to be monitored and very well regulated with the utmost rigor and adherence to the laws, and the strict enforcement of those laws.  Having laws that are on the books butwhich no one enforces are worth nothing at all.

BP was allowed to drill on its merits and its own responsibility and it promptly failed to take precautionary steps resulting in what is likely to be one of the greatest industrial disasters of all time.  This is up there with Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, and there should be no mistake about it.  We really do not know the full extent of the damage, and we may not know for decades how the life lost and poisoned in the Gulf Of Mexico inland sea will affect the rest of the ocean’s biology. But for all we know it may be dramatic and deadly.

As of this moment we are all waiting for word on the so called “Top Kill” attempt by BP which is supposed to clog the well with somekind of coagulant meant to lower the pressure.  Though this may work, in that they are going to try to cement the top of the well as the pressure drops, there are some large doubts.  There might have been a better way, had BP done its homework before something like this happened. Obviously they did not.

For example, it is likely that if BP had dropped a series of steel meshes with small openings on the oil leak they might have been able to disperse the pressure of the oil as it clogged those mesh holes. Thus if some thirty of fourty meshes one thousand square feet each were dropped on the oil flow, especially now that the “mud” has been injected into the well,  there is a very good possibility that the holes on the meshes would soon clog and force the oil flow further and further away from the center of the mesh.  If some kind of oil coagulant might be used to treat such meshes so as to increase the possibility of these meshes clogging as the oil flowed upward, then the oil flow would be  dispersed and reduced as it flowed further and further from the center of the meshes; and would at some point drop so much that it would  allow the pouring of concrete, or rather virtually gurantee a substantial reduction in oil flow until a relief valve could be drilled.

It is too bad that BP and the rest of these oil companies did not think about these matters before endangering our seas.  Had they done so the damage would have been minimal I think.  Yet this is where the government must always step in. It is the government’s responsibility to make certain that such failsafe measures are in place before risking our environment on such ventures. I suggest that all oil drilling in deep waters be suspended until such time as proceedures are in place that will quickly negate the effects of another blown well.

Lets hope they succeed today. If they do not,however, then I hope someone will suggest the mesh idea. Clogging the leaking oil, or creating resistance to the upward flow is a very promising procedure. The further away the flow is dispersed the less the upward flow pressure, the more likely you can seal the leak at least enough to allow for the relief valve without causing any more significant damage.

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